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Digital Media Solutions Solutions

Media Solution and Services

ComMedia specializes in building, deploying and managing Voice, Data and Video services seamless. Our complete portfolio of Video services helps Media companies/operators to build and manage heir mission critical infrastructure.

Video Solutions

The content companies are quickly becoming IT based and are adopting IP infrastructure. Industry is deployment of new compression technologies and network devices optimized for transport of real time and non real time video traffic. The distribution platforms are gearing up for providing customized services to the end users. Technologies such as 3G,LTE and WIMAX are supporting the transport of video on handheld devices. ComMedia provides tailored made solutions and services to content producers and content distributors.

ComMedia End to End Video Solutions & Services

Several media companies are upgrading their existing infrastructure to provide quality programs to their customers. It is an exciting world of zero downtime, high flexibility and freshness of content. Com Media is your partner to provide and implement end-to-end customized solutions. From consultancy of making right choice of the equipment , system integration of multi vendor products and running of operations , ComMedia is your reliable partner.

The solutions offered in this space:

  • Content Distribution platforms
  • Content Production Platforms

Media Integration

Channel Infrastructure, Teleport Head Ends, IPTV and DTH projects involve procurement and integration of several components across several OEMs. ComMedia helps in managing the complexities of design , supply. implementation and integrations to delivery the infrastructure for its clients , thus freeing up the its customer to focus on achieving business goals.

Media Out-tasking Services

ComMedia Solutions, with its team of media experts and delivery team would be able to provide world class services to the Content Creaters and Distributors for managing specific aspects of their infrastructure such Head End, Play-out , Archiving etc.

Media Managed Services

Teleport, IPTV and DTH managed services involves managing the Head End, Play-outs, or CAS services per billing infrastructure. ComMedia Solutions prides itself in having the best of talent in managing these services on behalf of the customers, and will take up these contracts and sign SLAs for providing the best in call quality services.

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