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Commedia Products and Solutions on AWS cloud

Enterprises are changing the way they work, existing approaches do not provide the flexibility and speed for deployment for the end users. On Demand infrastructure, pay per use and auto scalability is required to meet the varying demands of End User.

Commedia with its expertise in deployment and management of Enterprise solutions now offers unique products and value added services in area of Telecom, Networking and Digital Media. Further Commedia enhanced services offering includes AWS Cloud based Data Analytics and Machine learning solutions for Enterprises.

Several solutions in specific areas such as Network Security, Digital Media and Satellite Communications are implemented by Commedia and delivered successfully. These solutions not only help enterprises to solve current problems but also benefit them by making predictions to take better decisions.

AWS Cloud Benefits:

  • Global Infrastructure
  • Pay per Use
  • On Demand Infrastructure with Scalable and Flexible deployment
  • Operational Resilience
  • Security and many more

Commedia Differentiator

Clear benefits of our value added services includes:

  • End to End Design, Deployment and Management
  • 24x7 Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC)
  • Technical expertise on call.
  • Cloud enablement training
  • Customized Solution as per customer requirement with Proof of Concept
  • AWS Cloud Certified Individuals

Commedia Cloud Deployment Models

Private, Public and Hybrid model are few of our success deployment models for the customers. Customisation is our core business that is achieved by providing tailor made solutions to suit each customer requirements. Going global in minutes is key to any business, AWS cloud based deployments reduces deployment time for green field and migrations projects.

If you need any Technical Assistance ... We are available